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Automatic Elevator Testing

There are many locations where the elevator is critical to the facility's operation. In buildings that house medical offices, patients rely on the elevator to meet with their health care providers. Railway stations must ensure that their elevators are working for the safety of their passenger with disabilities. Factories and mines rely on their elevators to move personnel and materials.

Some maintenance contracts require that someone test an elevator every day to ensure that is is running. This can be very expensive and time-consuming. Every QarVision™ system has the ability to do this automatically and report the results of the test. Of course, this is optional, and is not necessary for the operation of the system.

How does it work?

The QarVision™  controller has two output relays that are used to generate car calls to the top landing and the bottom landing. The unit is connected to the appropriate buttons in the car operator panel. The relays isolate the QarVision™ unit from the elevator circuitry.

When a test is needed, two car calls are placed, one to the top landing and one to the bottom landing. The unit then waits for the car to move. If it moves within a specified amount of time, the unit checks that the door opens. If it fails these tests, the QarVision™  unit sends an email or text message to warn of a test failure.

The QarVision™ controller must be connected to a network (Ethernet, Cellular, or WiFi).

When is the test run?

The automatic test can be run in three ways:
-   When the idle time exceeds a user-specified limit
-   At a user-specified time of day
-   Manually from the QarVision user interface






Automatic Elevator Testing for critical applications:

  - medical facilities
  - transit stations
  - airports
  - sports venues


More information
-   Auto Check Brochure





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