Product Comparison

The following table compares all of the Elevator Analytics™ products. All of the products generate data that are compatible with the EPM graphical analysis program. Data from all elevators can be compared, regardless of which device was used.

Property or Measurement   EA7s Elevator Analyzer

Remote Elevator Diagnostic System
and Performance Analyzer

QarVision™ with optional
Machine Room Monitor*
Unattended operation for long periods    
Requires Laptop Connection      
Suitable for permanent or movable installation    
Records measurements from every trip the elevator makes  
Displays measurements in real-time  
Automatic report generation  
   Number of trips  
   Number of door cycles  
   Number of door reopens  
   Total run time  
   Total idle time  
   Duty cycle  
   Door opening and closing times  
   Door dwell time  
   Car start delay  
   Car stop to start door open delay  
   Acceleration / Deceleration magnitude
     and duration
   Landing and height  
   Car speed  
   Car jerk  
   Daily usage (table)  
   Trips by hour of the day (chart)  
   Duration of trips up and down (chart)  
   Car speed (histogram)  
   Landing served (histogram)  
   Motor temperature      
   Machine room temperature      
   Primary current (motor and controller)      
   Car current      
   Hydraulic pressure      
   Relay and solenoid status      
   Primary voltage to controller and motor      
   Energy used (running, idle, total)      
   Energy used over given time (table)      
   Energy used during trips (histogram)      
Communications and connections        
   Integral WiFi    
   Integral Ethernet    
   Optional cellular broadband    
   Remote monitoring and operation
   User-defined limits  
   Limit status on real-time display  
   Email warnings    
* May require optional sensors

Other data or measurements are possible. Please contact Qameleon Technology.


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