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"Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data."
                         - Wikipedia, "Analytics"


The Elevator Analytics™ line of products lets you:

  Collect the data you need from your elevator and store it in a database.
  Discover the meaning in the data through:
    - intelligent on-board automatic data analysis
    - interactive analysis software
  Communicate important information through:
    - live user interfaces with your elevator
    - summary and alert emails
    - automatically generated reports

Download Elevator Analytics™ article:


   "Is It Working?", Elevator World, Dec. 2014, pp. 74-79.

EA7s Elevator Analyzer  

Low-cost and easy to use, the EA7s works inside the car of any elevator to measure performance parameters for inspection, load testing, traffic analysis, or troubleshooting.

QarVision™ Remote Elevator Diagnostic System  

Designed to improve reliability and reduce costs, QarVision™ adds remote monitoring, constant recording, analysis, and diagnostic capability to any elevator.

QarVision RP™ for Rack & Pinion Elevators 

QarVision RP™ is a remote diagnostic system for rack and pinion elevators. It meets the special needs of industrial elevators and construction hoists.

QUE Remote Asset Monitor

QUE is a management program that integrates all of your monitoring devices into a logical, coherent system. QUE lets you watch and interact with all of your Qameleon™  products from one location.




Interesting Examples of Elevator Behavior

Results from real elevators.


Information available with Elevator Analytics:
Date, time, duration, and number of trips
Acceleration / deceleration
Door opening, closing, and dwell times
Number of door cycles & door re-opens
Limits exceeded
Landing number
Car distance traveled
Total run time & duty cycle
Energy usage
Car start delay
Door open delay
Motor current
Hydraulic pressure
Relay status
VFD alarms and faults
Brake status

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