Remote monitoring systems




  Interesting Examples of Elevator Behavior


These are real data and incidents recorded by Elevator Analytics products.

Return often for new examples.

Example Brand Type Age (years) Modernized / Other
Repetitive Uncalled Trips   Hydraulic   Recently installed MCE Controller
Traction Elevator Statistics Dover Traction 35  
Energy Usage Comparison Multiple Multiple 5-35  
Abrupt Stops Westinghouse Traction 30  
Rack & Pinion Elevator Statistics Geda Rack & Pinion 5  
Abnormal Decelerations Westinghouse Traction 30 Rope recently replaced
Construction Elevator Monthly Usage Geda Rack & Pinion 5  
Ride Quality Over Time Geda Rack & Pinion 5  
Detecting Component Failure United States Elevator Traction 28  
Excessive Temperature in Machine Room United States Elevator Traction 28  
Overshooting and Releveling Montgomery Traction approx. 45  
Group Controller Non-Functional Schindler Houghton Traction 28  

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