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In-Car Elevator Monitoring & Diagnostics

Drucegrove and Qameleon Technology have integrated the Dragonfly™ range of color TFT indicators with the QarVision™ remote elevator monitoring and diagnostic system.

The result is a flexible diagnostic system that gives the technician a complete history of every trip, available from any indicator, whether in a hall or in the elevator car. A technician can easily switch any Dragonfly™ indicator to become the user interface of the QarVision™ system.

Dragonfly™ gives the client all the features they might expect in an advanced TFT elevator PI, giving clear and concise information on a bright screen; it’s customizable, can interface to any large, high definition display, allowing building owners to ‘brand’ floors and, if networked, display ‘ticker tape’ messages from the concierge or stream news or data from a chosen website.  And now it can be used to host QarVision™ in addition.

QarVision™ is a remote monitoring and diagnostic instrument for service technicians. It measures the elevator performance and identifies problem behavior. QarVision™ uses sensors that are easily installed on the door, car, and drive system. It records every trip the elevator makes, measuring what the elevator is actually DOING, rather than what the controller tells it to do.

The Dragonfly-QarVision system can be used on any elevator, regardless of age or manufacturer. The smart Drucegrove indicator controller is programmable, therefore is configurable to suit the information the individual controller or selector, provides. QarVision is independent of the elevator’s electronics and controller, so it can be installed on any elevator.

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