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QWIC-Cell™ - How It Works

The QWIC-Cell™ cellular interface lets any Qameleon instrument connect wirelessly to the Internet through a cellular network.  Users then access their instruments via the Web from anywhere in the world to retrieve data, set parameters, and monitor performance in real time.


Users login to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides a private "tunnel" through the Internet to the Internet Server in the Secure Data Network. The Internet Server maps specific user logins to specific Qameleon Instruments, preventing unauthorized access. It also blocks general Web traffic from entering the Secure Data Network. The Internet Server initiates the connection to a Qameleon Instrument over the Cellular Network.  Only the Internet Server is authorized to call the instrument, preventing unauthorized access. The WiFi interface on the instrument provides convenient access during installation and maintenance.

All of these many stages in the connection from PC to Instrument provide security for the data and equipment, but are transparent to the user.  After logging in to the VPN, the user sees the instrument directly.  It is as if there is a private data pipe directly from the PC to the instrument. QWIC-Cell™ makes machine-to-machine (M2M) deployment easy.

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